We build Web Apps, Big ERPs that are designed to be serverless.

We leverage AWS and Google's globally distributed infrastructure to provide the same user experience from any part of the globe. You should focus on your business, and not on infrastructure.

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We are AppMixo®

Agile technologies can help your business grow from its roots and become fruitful!

I spent most of my time with cloud deployment, serverless technologies, app scaling, DDoS protection, and digital targeting + retargetting to build my own products. These Agiles can help any apps from roots to be fruitful. now, we are founding AppMixo – a Business Incubator, executing the same nuts into your business.

– Milan, Founder at AppMixo

Great Shopify Apps

As they say, "work speaks louder than words!". no blah blah...

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Go serverless

Leave old School, focus on business & Save 50%+ It cost

Resource allocation, code deployment, and server management are only a few of the many infrastructure-related issues that may keep your product from entering the market. It’s time to outsource all that using serverless technology. With AppMixo, you can channel your efforts into developing your project and write your own ticket in business. The potential benefits of our serverless services are close to endless.

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Digital (Re)Marketing

Your visitors must be converted into Customers

Things go wrong if your not approaching to right audience and with proper strategy. If bad, you can't decide on where to spend and liquid goes waste without filling your order panel. without expertise, you may not able to get fuel from Google and Facebook combine AI Power. eventually, your competitor win over customer and you keep counting your not so good ROI.

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Cloud Computing

We help you choose the best cloud provider and edge location for you.
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