Bringing Serverless Technology

When you are about to add finishing touches to your app to introduce it to the world, it is infrastructure-related issues that often get in the way. With serverless computing, however, this will never be your case again. By definition, it’s a cloud-based technology in which you – as a developer – are spared the trouble of managing servers and allocating resources. We will take care of everything for you.

As one of the leading serverless providers out there, AppMixo boasts its exceptional capabilities to help you keep working hassle-free. We are happy to implement this game-changing technology to your business, acting behind your infrastructure and ensuring flawless code deployment.

How can you benefit from using serverless computing?

So far, dozens of big-name businesses (Coca-Cola, Netflix, Nordstrom, etc.) have made a switch to the serverless infrastructure model. And here is why:

  • It’s a proven money-saver. The reason why more and more companies keep going serverless is that they can enjoy high cost-effectiveness. Once you count on AppMixo, you will be charged only for what you are actually using, not for a range of capacity.
  • It’s scalable like no other. When using our serverless services, you are not supposed to modify systems every time you need more resources. It’s our job to do that for you.
  • It boosts time-to-market. You want to focus on developing your product – either do we. Going serverless will free you of the provision of back-end and other services so that you can roll it out as soon as possible.

Push the boundaries of traditional technologies and let the future of computing begin within your company. Go serverless with AppMixo!